Mat Lenik’s Legion Of Odd pen and ink drawings set free the friendly but sinister creatures from the nowhere place. Somewhere between Heinrich Hoffman’s uncanny imaginings, Edward Gorey’s tragic heroes and a tea party filled with smiling, knowing, grotesquely cute, mostly contented, conjoined sideshow freaks.

His work has been exhibited in London, Stockholm, Barcelona and Milan, and has been featured in publications such as Dazed and Confused magazine; for which he came first in a drawing competition with over 3000 entries.

selected exhibitions:

A Nest Of Broken Eggs, Mowlem St Gallery, London 11
Fete For the Wicked, Hackney Wick, London 11
Stinging Netil, Netil House Yard, London 11
Cement Mixer, Barden’s Boudoir, London 11
Meeting of Odd Fellows (solo show), Beyca Retrospective, London 11
Union Jack, Barden’s Boudoir, London 11
Hackney Wicked, London 10
Nowhere, Mowlem St Gallery off Vyner St, London 09
Hackney Wicked, London 09
Somewhere, Elevator Gallery, London 09
Hackney Wicked, London 08
This is Wanted, Barcelona 07
This is Wanted, Stockholm 07
This is Wanted, Milan 07